Jon Clark

The 80s & early 90s culture of his youth fuels the work of American artist, cartoonist, director & writer Jon Clark, who was born in 1982. Since the early 2000s, Clark has published a number of comic books including The Newer Testament Of The Bible, Home Video, and The Story Of Josh (later hand animated by Clark as a short film). More recent books Middle School Hot and its sequel Devastated College Guy are self-deprecating coming-of-age autobiographies. Clark's prolific output has been published in collaboration with Portland, Oregon publishing house Alarming Press. In 2005 Clark released Baggs, an 80s style screwball sports comedy about a hacky sack rivalry. Clark's music video for his short-lived Nintendo punk band Maniac Mansion was recently included on the DVD Best Of Tromadance 5.
Jon Clark currently resides in Los Angeles.